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Flying With These 3 Deodorants Can Be A Stinky State

Published on 27th July 2017

Flying with a deodorant is smart. After all, why wouldn’t it be? You might be stuck in a hot, stuffy plane where the co-passenger sitting next to you needs a double dose of that wonderful concoction to mask the malodorous stink. This can happen even to you; here I point to those instances when you realize you smell rotten. So, you must be skeptical (rather quizzical) what kinds of deodorants you can have in your baggies on board and what alternative not to have. With all sorts of Air Transportation Administrations’ policies and guidelines across the world, regarding what to take and what not to take while on an air travel, it becomes more confusing to decide on the type of deodorant.

Stick Deodorants and Roll-Ons

Stick deodorants and roll-ons fit the best when you need to carry them in your handbag while flying. Even aromatic crystals and powders work to mask your stench at times and almost every airline security pass these types of deodorants.

Creamy Deodorants

Cream, gel, liquid and paste type deodorants need particular attention while carrying on an air travel. There is not an issue if you take these in your luggage that goes to the cargo. But having these in carrying on can trouble you. Many times security people don’t allow adopting these bottles as safety measures. However, many airlines approve carrying the deodorants in containers that are no larger than 3.4 ounces provided it should be placed in a clear, transparent quart sized baggie.


Larger spray type deodorants are a strict no-no. You can’t take them on board in your carry on. However, they can be kept in your checked luggage that goes into the cargo. Again, you can have a smaller deodorant of 3.4 Oz or less, kept in your quart sized bag. It is wise if you always check with the airlines before making domestic or an overseas air travel about the deodorants you can take in your carry bag because they try to ban the minimum possible from a security standpoint. Believe me! I have lost quite a few aromatic accessories while traveling to many places owing to my ignorance.