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10 Tips To The Best Meditation Act

Published on 25th July 2017

Meditation is a tool, an effective tool for mental fitness. Meditation practiced daily for a few minutes can help combat chronic pain and stress, foster physical health and help in getting sound sleep and peace. On a much profound level, meditation helps in self-actualization. It opens the doorway for the unknown.

Life Unfold brings to you 10 important tips to meditate.

  1. Choose the most convenient time for you to meditate. Meditation is relaxation. Choose that time when you are free to relax and enjoy the peace.
  2. Choose the most comfortable place to meditate. Have your own corner in your house. What can be more peaceful than a blooming garden or a quiet balcony?
  3. Keep the best body posture. Make sure your spine is upright with head up. Try to keep eyes open and lowered with a soft gaze while meditation. However, some feel closing eyes during meditation helps a lot, but that way, you are more likely to drift away on your own thoughts and stories.
  4. Empty mind and almost empty stomach help in meditation. Focus on concentration and play sharp and edgy. You should have light snacks, say, a loaf of oat bread or a glass of carrot juice, before you go for meditation. That way, you will not doze off, nor will you experience hunger pangs.
  5. Sukshma yoga exercise can be done before meditation. This warms you up and makes you feel lighter and help you to sit for a longer period of time.
  6. If you are a beginner, try to meditate for 5-10 minutes first. After a few days, you can decide yourself to increase the duration of the meditation. Do what it feels the best for you.
  7. Silence is healing with meditation. There are lots of meditation music in the market, but try to practice meditation in silence. This way, you can actually make out what your mind is feeling or doing.
  8. Start with deep breaths. This is a recommended prerequisite for meditation.
  9. Start your session with a gentle smile on your face. Try meditation with and without a smile and then see the difference.
  10. Enjoy your meditation. Don’t be burdened by the thought of meditating again the next morning. Be kind to yourself and start with just a little activity each day.