Does 12% Tax On Sanitary Napkins Under GST Attest That Menstruation Is Only A Woman’s Issue?

One crimson to show, another red to hide. A custom won, but the necessity died. Typecast triumphed, and a woman cried. Oh, leaders! Pay no heed, We are angry, still happy to bleed. The Indian government seems to have forgotten that an ideal Indian woman bleeds too. But the highest authority on Indian land has undoubtedly taken the famous dialogue of ‘ek chutki sindoor ki keemat tum kya jaano…’ too seriously, scrapping the taxes on the items like sindoor, bindi and kumkum which are optional acc

Are You Living Green? Measure Your Ecological Footprint Now!

No, this not at all means that we paint ourselves green and carry on with our lives. By living green we mean making our life choices sustainable - sustainable in terms of what we eat, what we wear, what we purchase from the market, how we travel, what we do in our workplaces, the structures we live in and many such life aspects. 'Green' is a fashionable and 'in' word to use. The choices we make in our lives determine our planet's sustainability. Every person on this planet consumes his share of

We Are Poisonous!

5 habits to tell that we are 'not' responsible We humans have numerous habits. Small or big, these die hard habits contribute to the environmental impacts at the end. And we know this very well. Still, we need to be reminded every now and then because we do not take the responsibility of adding to the poison in the nature. Don't you agree with me? Well, then you must click through to check how you are making your planet a difficult place to live. Here is the reminder list of five die hard habi

All Those Men Who Love Their Women Must Read This

Girls, you have 5 reasons to say NO to everyday sex! Sex is an enjoyable act, no one will disagree, I know. One activity of sex encloses a million of alternatives and opportunities for contentment, health, exercise, communication and relationship. Therefore, the internet is full of write-ups on 'reasons you should have sex everyday'. But for me, such articles are the best tools to disseminate the thoughts that when it comes to a hetero-relationship, the woman becomes the object of gratification